Booked with TPS they weren’t the lowest bid, but this company had a better insurance coverage option than the cheapest bid. Someone from TPS contacted me via phone the same day to confirm all the details. There was a delay in picking up the vehicle, as they could not immediately locate a driver going to that area. However, TPS contacted me via phone and via email nearly every day to give me an update on the status and assure me that they were actively looking for a driver. I did not have to hound the company to find out what was going on. I have shipped cars before, and I understand that there are delays on the road etc so I really appreciated the company reaching out to me instead of me having to hunt them down. Everyone was extremely professional. The subcontracted driver was polite and remained in contact with me as well. I would use TPS again, as their prices are competitive, but the customer service and peace of mind puts them above other companies I have used in the past.

Karen Tanner