TPS Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions you may have about Transport Premier Services and/or our services. If your question is not here, feel free to contact us.

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Q: How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

A: Your vehicle should be clean for inspection at the beginning of your move. You or your designated representative must be present at the time of pickup and delivery and are responsible for signing the inspection report at both pickup and delivery.

  • Advise TPS of any modifications made to your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have a phone number where you may be reached throughout the duration of your vehicle relocation.
  • Remove all personal belonging from your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle can’t have any obvious fluid leaks.
  • Alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled, or turned off.
  • Items that should be removed: wide mirrors, antenna (if possible), any loose parts or specialty items, your toll tag or E-Z pass, all exterior spare tire covers, grill covers, and non-permanent luggage, bike, or ski racks.
  • Repair or seal any tears or open seams on convertible tops to prevent fast-moving air from causing further damage.
Q: How does the shipment work?

A: Car shipping can be very complex and difficult. However, Transport Premier Services is here to make the process simple and convenient. TPS will find a driver for you that will pick up and deliver your vehicle(s) at the address you specify. We will walk you through the process from step by step and make sure you know what needs to be done at each step.

  • Place your order with TPS.
  • Once the customer (you) signs off on our legal documentation. TPS will work to find a driver that can accommodate your vehicle(s) and your dates the best we can.
  • Once we have a Driver, we will notify you with the drivers contact information.
  • An email will also be sent to you with the drivers contact information.
  • The driver will typically contact you to arrange for PickUp some time between 6 to 24 hours prior to PickUp.
  • When the driver arrives for pick up he will inspect the vehicle and fill out a Bill of Lading and have you sign it. He will then load your vehicle and transport it to the delivery location.
  • The driver will contact you typically 2 to 24 hours before delivery and schedule the delivery.
  • Delivery will take place at the location you specified or as close to it the driver can go.
  • You will inspect the vehicle, sign the Bill of Lading and pay the driver.
  • Simple, right? The best part, we will be here to assist you through the whole transport.
Q: Do you handle terminal services?

A: Terminal services allow for you to ship your vehicle directly to a storage facility. Terminal services can be arranged, however, terminals have additional fees. This is why we prefer to give our customers Door-to-Door Service whenever possible to avoid unnecessary charges. If you need your vehicle stored before PickUp or Delivery, please talk to your agent at the time your order is placed, we can arrange storage for you for additional costs.

Q: Can you ship in-operable vehicles? How about odd-shaped cars?

A: We have well established relationships with carriers that specialize in unusual vehicles such as classic, antique and collectible cars in addition to large transport carriers for oversized vehicles as well.

Please make sure your agent knows about any unusual aspects of your vehicle; like low clearance, extra fuel tanks, tool boxes, over or undersized tires, luggage racks, snow plow, tow bed, etc.

For inoperable vehicles, please let us know about this at the time your order is placed so we can dispatch a special carrier that is capable of transporting your vehicle.

If TPS is unaware of specifics and the driver cannot pick up the vehicle, we are not held responsible.

Q: What is door to door transport?

A: Door-to-Door transportation means that we arrange for the PickUp and Delivery at the address you specify (subject to accessibility and local laws). No terminals involved. If you prefer to have a meeting point arranged, notify your agent, along with storage.

Q: What types of vehicles do carriers use to transport my vehicle?

A: Most are transported via multiple car carriers, the same type used to transport new vehicles from the manufacturing plant to dealerships. Majority of the carriers use 18-Wheelers that holds about 8-12 Sedans. However, the final contracted carrier type is dependent on the route, timing, and vehicle. because the truck sizes vary, along with an Enclosed Method as well which is the Best, and Ultimate method of car transportation. Enclosed only holds estimated 3 vehicles at a time. Enclosed is fully protected and the most efficient way to transport vehicles with Insurance Coverage up to $1 Million with a $0 deductible.

Q: What insurance is provided?

A: Your vehicle will be insured from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered. The Carrier is required to carry insurance and his insurance covers the vehicle while it is in his possession. The inspection is documented on the Bill of Lading on pick-up along with delivery that way you can insure that your vehicle will be covered. Open carriers have insurance coverage up to $250,000 with a $0 deductible. For enclosed, the insurance coverage is up to $1 Million with a $0 deductible.

Q: Do you offer enclosed transport services?

A: Enclosed is the safest transportation. If you have a classic car, motorcycle, a car of Class’ (such as a Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc…), or even your car that means everything to you. When I personally transport my car, I go enclosed, it’s not too much more and I can insure that my car that which was handed down to me is 100% safe. Insurance Coverage up to $1 Million with a $0 deductible, you can’t beat it.

Q: What is the first available PickUp date?

A: The first available date is the first date where you will release the vehicle for pick up by the driver. Generally, we will attempt to find you a driver to pick up your vehicle either on your first available date or as close to it as possible. This is why we will always recommend a pick-up window of minimum 3 days. Remember, there are no guarantees in this industry…the sad truth, but we will still make this move happen for you. We got your back at TPS.

Q: Where do drivers operate?

A: Majority of drivers stay near the main highways and major cities. To speed up the moving process, relocating near an interstate as a meeting point would work best. Major cities work as well in places like Washington, California, Texas, North Carolina, along with states in the North East.

Q: What variables do driver’s consider when setting your price?

A: The price of your transport is determined by 3 major variables:

  • Larger vehicles along with overweight vehicles tend to cost more, while the smaller, lighter vehicles cost less. Do not forget, vehicles with modifications like large tires, lift kits, luggage racks, extra fuel tanks, snow plows, etc. may increase the cost of transporting your particular vehicle.
  • The route of your transport can vary the price that you are looking at to get the move done. For cheaper moves, being close to or in Major cities and/or near Main highways will help benefit your price. This is the sad reality side of this industry, but we don’t make the rules, this is just the preferred locations based off driver routes along with availability.
  • Being more flexible with time can definitely help you benefit with a low price for low budget transportation. Certain months tend to be more expensive than others due to availability with drivers along some route. Do not base how much you are willing to spend based on past moves, prices change every 3 days to a week.

Q: What is The National Board?

A: The National Board is a source where brokers advertise vehicles needing transport for carriers searching for vehicles to transport along their route. The marketplace is an extremely efficient method for negotiating and dispatching your move at the best possible rate. Drivers of course prefer higher paying moves compared to the lower paying moves. Vehicles priced right get moved almost immediately compared to waiting with minimum response towards your load. Pricing to be picked up is key for efficient moves.

Q: Is being present on the releasing or receiving end mandatory?

A: Important to have someone under your authorization releasing the vehicle and/or receiving the vehicle. This must person must sign the bill of lading on pick-up along with the receiving end. Full Payment usually would be paid on delivery in Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order. Paying upon pick-up is also acceptable, the ultimate decision is yours.

Q: How many days in advance do I need to arrange for my vehicle to be picked up?

A: Reservations are recommended to be made minimum 7-10 days prior. 2-3 weeks in advance is preferred. Do not worry, if you need an ASAP pick-up, we will handle that for you as well in a reasonable amount of time. At (TPS), we get the jobs done as quickly as possible no matter when the reservation is made.

Q: When will my driver be assigned?

A: A driver can be assigned at any time after your order is placed. However, in most scenarios the driver will be assigned between 2-3 business days before and/or after the first available date.

Since there are so many variables that take affect, the drivers schedules are tight due to making most booking on their trucks a week ahead. If their load is not full and/or cancellations are received, then last minute bookings are more likely to be moved. Remember, nothing is ever guaranteed, and yet we will still make this happen for you.

Q: What if I need to change my pickup or delivery location?

A: Any changes, just call your agent and they will coordinate the move to the changes, pick-up date changes preferred minimum 3 days in advance. If the location changes over 50 miles than there is a possibility the rate can change due to the carrier requesting more. As soon as YOU are INFORMED about the change of location on either end, please notify your agent immediately. We want to make this move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Q: What if I need to change my first available date?

A: Its okay, it happens, and (TPS) understands. Just call, email, and/or fax us. It would be best to email changes to or your agents email. Please give us a minimum 3 day notice if possible.

Q: What if I need to cancel my order?

A: Transport Premier Services has a very flexible cancellation policy. Just fax or email your cancellation request to your agent and we will take care of the rest. For refunds, you must cancel in writing 5 business days prior to your first available Pick-Up date otherwise it is Non-Refundable.

Q: How long will it take to find driver for my order?

A: Tranport Premier Services has an immaculate network of carriers nationwide to fulfill your needs. Just believe, because we produce results in real time, no games, no gimmicks, especially no hassle. If you have certain requirements such as PickUp Dates or Delivery Dates, notify your agent, and the (TPS) Team will do our best to accommodate your needs. Even though we have no guarantees, we still produce RESULTS! All we require is your full line of communication.

Q: What is the Bill of Lading?

A: This is one of the most important documents during this transaction. On the Bill of Lading, expect to see the Carrier Cost, Point-to-Point Inspection Results, along with you and the drivers information. Always review this document.

Q: Can the COD be arranged to be paid thru Transport Premier Services?

A: Payment is primarily being handled after the transport is complete on the receiving end. If you need to pay on PickUp please inform your Agent. Payment is to be made in Credit Card, Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order. If you do need to pay the driver differently, we are here for your convenience. If you pay the driver thru us at (TPS), 5% will be added your total cost.

Q: Are personal items allowed?

A: Majority of the carriers do allow a small amount of personal items to be in the vehicle. The answer is: Speak to your representative, it is a case by case basis. Shipping personal items in your vehicle is not recommended. The Department of Transportation does not allow auto transport carriers to transport personal items in a vehicle. (TPS) is not licensed to transport personal items, nor are the carriers who will be transporting your vehicle. Your carrier can be ticketed and fined if they are cited for transporting personal items in vehicles loaded on their trucks.

Q: If your shipping overseas, can I put personal items in the vehicle?

A: Absolutely not! The US Customs Service and Port Authorities will not allow ANY personal items in a vehicle being transported on a vessel leaving or entering a US port. If a vehicle is delivered to a port terminal with any personal items the vehicle will be inspected and will not be loaded on the ship until all personal items have been removed.

Q: What if the driver won’t move my vehicle with my personal items?

A: By law, a driver is allowed to refuse to take a car with personal items loaded.

If your driver refuses to take your vehicle with your personal items loaded, Tranport Premier Services recommends that you unload the items from your vehicle and ship them via another method. We recommend that you call (TPS) and talk to your agent about the problem. We can help you resolve things and help find the best alternatives for you.

Q: What if my personal items are well over 100 pounds?

A: Additional charges will occur, prices are up to driver but estimated at $50-$100 for every 100 pounds. You are allowed up to 100 pounds in the trunk of your vehicle. If the weight is exceeded over the 100 pounds, the carrier can refuse your load.

Q: What is an oversize fee?

A: Some vehicles are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles. Most full size SUVs fit into this category. Because of the extraordinary dimensions, these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles, thus resulting in an “oversize” fee.

Q: How do I track the shipment of my vehicle?

A: You can track your vehicle anytime from the by contacting either Transport Premier Services or the Carrier. Always ask the driver for his number on PickUp.